Punchbag fitness


The punchbag fitness classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.00pm.

Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. The session includes working out on the punchbags as well as physical fitness exercises. Most sessions alternate between bagwork and exercises.

Beginners are given instruction on how to hit the bag, with the emphasis on ensuring safety. We have spare bag gloves which  you are welcome to borrow. But we suggest you get your own pair if you want to train regularly. You may hit the bag without gloves if you prefer, and combine kicking techniques with punching if you are experienced in a martial art. But we do not teach kicking techniques in this class.

Bagwork is a great way to get fit and release aggression. You decide how hard and fast you hit the bag, so it is suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginners to experienced fighters.